[Back-dated] San Francisco

We took a belated Honeymoon last month, and drove out to San Francisco. Thanks to John’s parents we got to stay in the beautiful Fairmont Hotel on top of Nobb Hill. This was the view just out front of the hotel: Parking was pretty insane though. We got a steal for $30/weekend at the garage down the street. It was going to be $50/day at the hotel. The subway was actually pretty easy to navigate, and fun for us tourists 😉 Oh yeah, and this was the view from our room 😉  

[Back-dated] The Grand Canyon

The last time I was at the grand canyon I was in the 6th grade. I remember it being mounumentally huge and awe-inspiring. It was a particularly special trip for me because it was just me and my dad (anyone else with siblings will understand how great those moments are). This time, John and I wanted an atypical experience of our state’s claim to fame. So, we decided to visit in January; during a snow storm. The first day when we arrived AZ gave us a typical clear blue sky. At least there was snow on the ground… John decided …