117th Annual Boston Marathon; Boston Strong

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117th Annual Boston Marathon; Boston Strong

I’m still not sure how to react to the events at the Boston Marathon on Monday. As a runner and photographer, I have been counting the months, weeks, and days until this race. I woke up early Monday morning to watch the live coverage until I could get downtown, and as soon as I made it to Boston I headed straight for the highlight of the race: the finish line! The crowds were astounding, I’ve never experienced gridlock on a sidewalk before, but the cheering and enthusiasm gave a sense of being at a huge party. I brought along a friend who was visiting me from Paris, and the two of us moved in and out of the crowed, pushing our way to the rails to snap a shot and then dodging out of the way as people filled in every gap. As we made our way down the line, the crowd became so intense we decided to duck off of the street into a storefront and try another route to the finish line. As we discussed which direction we though would be best, a woman nearby interrupted to tell us that she had already tried that way, and it was no better. She had given in to watching through the window for her daughter to come down the road. To her I would like to say thank you, you saved us both, and I hope with all of my heart that your daughter is safe and uninjured. For you, your daughter, and all of the strong-willed and incredibly motivated people who dreamed of finishing the Boston Marathon, only to run towards sheer terror, I would like to give you a reminder of what you accomplished, and the good memories that were ripped away from you.

Some of these images were taken moments before the blasts went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. If you recognize someone in one of my photos and would like a copy of the image, please feel free to download the image and share it.

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