[Part 1] Leaf Peeping: A Profile of Leaves

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[Part 1] Leaf Peeping: A Profile of Leaves

A lot of people back home have been telling me how much they miss the changing of the leaves during the fall (Phoenix isn’t exactly known for that). So I decided to series of posts on the autumn colors. I realized very quickly that it’s a daunting task to capture something as magnificent as the changing of a season on camera, so each post in this series is going to focus on a different experience of fall. I’ll start with the smallest elements and zoom out (a la Carl Sagan’s Cosmos). So, what could be better to begin with than a profile on leaves?!

The brilliant colors really astound me. And the best part is that everyday there is something different, the environment is so noticeably dynamic.

Ahh, the good old pile of crunchy leaves!

Stay tuned for my next post in the series which will focus on the sensation of fall :)

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