Peach Picking!

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Peach Picking!

Our neighbor invited John and I along to go peach picking last weekend. Unfortunately John had to work, but the rest of the housemates made it out. And, it didn’t even rain until the very end!

Okay, so peaches aren’t the only thing around here.

They were selling fresh lemonade! And by fresh I mean, they were squeezing the lemons right there!

Hi Meg!

Our “picking” was at least half photographing. We did manage to tear ourselves away from the cameras long enough to bring home a few peaches though. Two boxes in fact… I’ve been nominated to bake the pie ^.^

On the way home we saved this little guy from crossing the road. I don’t know how Jillian spotted him as we were driving down the road, but rather than being under our tires, he’s now happily on his way on the other side.


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