Q + A

Photography Sessions

Do you shoot concept or artistic photography?

Absolutely! If you have a unique, crazy, off-the-wall idea, shoot me a message over on my contact form.

I'm a model, make-up artist, hair stylist etc. do you do trade for CV?

Yes! I love getting creative and meeting new people. Send me a message and introduce yourself.

Will you photograph my restaurant, pics for my website, my book jacket cover, my band, etc?

I am currently available for new assignments. Send me a quote request via my contact page.

My Equipment & Process

Canon or Nikon?

I currently shoot with a Canon rebel, but my first DSLR camera was a Nikon D40. I firmly believe that the photograph is not defined by the camera you use, and happily enjoy using both!

What kind of lighting do you use?

I’m a fan of both natural and controlled lighting. I get really fired up when I see a great highlight or a mysterious shadow. As a photographer, light is my best tool to help me tell a moving story.

Do you use Aperture or Lightroom?

I’m a huge fan of the Adobe suite, and I’m addicted to Lightroom.

How much do you Photoshop?

This varies based on the project. For most of my portraiture, I Photoshop minimally. I feel it’s more important to capture the moment and personalities than the “most photographically correct” image.For concept and artistic work I’ve been known to lay it on heavy. I’m always pushing the boundaries of perception, imagination and reality.

About The Site

Can I repost your photos on my blog?

That depends. I recently started doing more editorial style work which I’ve made available via creative commons. Go ahead and share it online or download it for your desktop or screensaver. However, please do not print, sell, or claim artistic ownership of my work, and I’d appreciate a link back to my website. If you’d like to purchase high quality prints of any of my Photos, check out my Society 6 shop.

If you have any questions about about how you can use my photos, please email me at christina@cm2b.com.

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