117th Annual Boston Marathon; Boston Strong

I’m still not sure how to react to the events at the Boston Marathon on Monday. As a runner and photographer, I have been counting the months, weeks, and days until this race. I woke up early Monday morning to watch the live coverage until I could get downtown, and as soon as I made it to Boston I headed straight for the highlight of the race: the finish line! The crowds were astounding, I’ve never experienced gridlock on a sidewalk before, but the cheering and enthusiasm gave a sense of being at a huge party. I brought along a …

Boston City Lights

Every Thursday I ride the T from North Station in downtown Boston, to Porter Square. The red line that takes me there pulls above ground as it crosses Longfellow bridge, and opens up this gorgeous view of the city. And every Thursday, I think to myself “IĀ have to shoot that!” So finally, I did. I wanted to give you and idea of the impressiveness of the skyline, but I’ll get to that in a bit. First, the red line crossing the Longfellow bridge: And finally, without further adieu, the beautiful city I see through the tiny MBTA window every weekday:

[Part 1] Ringing in the New Year, 2013

New Year’s eve in Boston brought on an evening of horns, drums, hot chocolate, mittens, and people flooding the streets for First Night. First Night is the city’s annual celebration which features an ice sculptuing contest, a parade, and concludes with an amazing firework show over the Boston Common. Because there was so much going on, I’ve split this post into parts. Here’s part one, starting at the begining with the parade

It’s Snowing!

Yes, I am interrupting your regularly schedulingĀ LOL cat web surfing for this announcement. We’ve had a few little snows, but nothing that’s stuck to the ground so far. And yes, we did have a little Christmas snowā€¦ but c’mon, check this beauty out! I just couldn’t hold in my enthusiasm! I think tomorrow will bring y’all some great wintery photography!

[part 2] Leaf Peeping: Boston Public Gardens

This isĀ the second partĀ of my series on autumn in the Boston Public Gardens. For this set I wanted to focus on the experience of being surrounded by color. My next post in the series which will finally give you the full view of the gardens. Let me tell you, you’re in for a treat!

[Part 1] Leaf Peeping: A Profile of Leaves

A lot of people back home have been telling me how much they miss the changing of the leaves during the fall (Phoenix isn’t exactly known for that). So I decided to series of posts on the autumn colors. I realized very quickly that it’s a daunting task to capture something as magnificent as the changing of a season on camera, so each post in this series is going to focus on a different experience of fall. I’ll start with the smallest elements and zoom out (a la Carl Sagan’s Cosmos). So, what could be better to begin with than …