Day 2: Get In The Van – RTB 2013

Good morning! If you’re a little confused at what’s going on, check out my post from Day 1. After a few late night runs, our van switched off with van 1 and got about 4 hours of shut eye. Before we jump back into the race, we all really needed some deep stretching… Thank you to my team who made this race amazing, and the volunteers and entire organization behind Reach The Beach New Hampshire who worked tirelessly to keep us safe and on course!

Day 1: Get In The Van – RTB 2013

This weekend I ran in the New Hampshire Reach the Beach Relay; a 200-mile relay race from Cannon Mountain to Hampton Beach, across the state of NH. I was one of 12 runners on my team, and we completed the 30-hour race by handing off a reflective snap-it bracelet to transition between runners. Each team has two vans, housing 6 runners (and in our case a non-running driver) for the two days it takes to complete the race. We ate, slept, and got entirely too ridiculous in our vans. Every year this race brings people from all over New England, …