Montréal: La Ville Qui Ne Dort Jamais [The City That Never Sleeps]

When I first saw this tagline in an ad for visiting Montreal, I giggled to myself. We all know that New York is the city that never sleeps, right? Well it seems doubly true in Montreal. Despite freezing temperatures in the single digits (F), and a sunset at 3pm (!), no matter how late nor how early we went out, there was always something going on.  

Guest Post: Franconia Notch – The Flume Gorge

A few weeks ago an image of a pair of ice climbers on the NH State Parks facebook page grabbed my attention, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about all of that ice. At the first chance I got, I packed up my gear and headed out to Franconia Notch.  

It’s Snowing!

Yes, I am interrupting your regularly scheduling LOL cat web surfing for this announcement. We’ve had a few little snows, but nothing that’s stuck to the ground so far. And yes, we did have a little Christmas snow… but c’mon, check this beauty out! I just couldn’t hold in my enthusiasm! I think tomorrow will bring y’all some great wintery photography!