Arlington National Cemetery

I had an unconventional New Years this year. I had the opportunity to shoot in Washington D.C. during the week leading up to New Year’s eve, and found myself free to explore on my own terms on the day of New Years Eve. I hadn’t yet seen the Arlington National Cemetery, and the morning was shaping up to be a breathtaking scene. Thanks to all the moving pieces along this trip lining up perfectly, I spent the last day of 2013 paying my respects to the Heroes of my country, and remembering the sacrifice of all of my friends and …

Montréal: La Ville Qui Ne Dort Jamais [The City That Never Sleeps]

When I first saw this tagline in an ad for visiting Montreal, I giggled to myself. We all know that New York is the city that never sleeps, right? Well it seems doubly true in Montreal. Despite freezing temperatures in the single digits (F), and a sunset at 3pm (!), no matter how late nor how early we went out, there was always something going on.  

[Part 2] Provincetown: Hike to the Dunes

This was a pretty challenging trip for me photographically, because we only had access to the dunes during the middle of the day, with a bright sunny sky. The weather was beautiful for enjoying the cape, but left something to be desired for my camera. I just wanted…. drama! Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself, we’ll get back to that later 😉

Moody Skies Over Boston

Winter has made Boston dark and gloomy for the past few months, and is it just me or does it also make all of the litter multiply? Maybe it’s just more noticeable the drearier it gets. Last week we finally got a bit of fantastic light. I had to do a little sun chasing, but for the first time since moving to Boston, I knew exactly where in the city I needed to be.

[Back-dated] San Francisco

We took a belated Honeymoon last month, and drove out to San Francisco. Thanks to John’s parents we got to stay in the beautiful Fairmont Hotel on top of Nobb Hill. This was the view just out front of the hotel: Parking was pretty insane though. We got a steal for $30/weekend at the garage down the street. It was going to be $50/day at the hotel. The subway was actually pretty easy to navigate, and fun for us tourists 😉 Oh yeah, and this was the view from our room 😉