Winter Storm Nemo

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Winter Storm Nemo

You may have heard that Boston got a healthy dose of snow over the weekend. Here’s an insiders view of all the excitement.

Two young men were out rescuing their Bruins flag from the high winds. Official estimates put them between 35mph and 75mph.

People logged a lot of shoveling hours, too. Trying to keep their driveways and cars from being buried and iced over. Unfortunately this looked like it was pretty much in vain by the next morning.

The snow plows were running all day and night, with slightly better results.

Dogs still needed to be walked. These two don’t seem quite as excited as the Husky and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog I ran into.

A popular trend was running out to the liquor store; the only stores that seemed to remain open.

I headed over to the wharf to see how the boats were faring…

As the storm picked up, so did the number of plows roaming around.

Even as the sunset people were endlessly shoveling.

So what did we wake up to after the storm and all of that shoveling? More snow. It was still coming down on Saturday, but it seemed that many gave up on their shovels and gave into having a bit of fun. Or maybe both ;)

These guys are getting in a little practice in at Forest River Park. Now that’s a snow day!

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