Witch Ride 2012

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Witch Ride 2012

This is a post from last Halloween that I never had the chance to put up. One day shortly before Halloween I was coming home when I heard the most overwhelming roar coming toward me. Knowing that Boston isn’t an earthquake hotspot, I quickly glanced around to see what was going on. I noticed baricades and police lining the streets, and asked an officer to fill me in. Apparently, as a part of the annual Witch Ride, 30,000+ motorcyclists begin in Boston and makes their way to Salem in support of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. As the rumble grew closer, lawn chairs began to appear on the side of the road and people were cheering on the parade of bikers.

The Witch Ride lived up to it’s name with some very clever and creepy costumes.

But, there were plenty of fun costumes too!

And of course, the mandatory intimidating gang of Sox fans…

I think this guy didn’t get the memo on which type of bike to bring, hehe.

I followed the Parade to downtown Salem, where the streets were packed with gleaming bikes.

And to top it all off, there was a Halloween festival.

And this is how we end a parade in Salem, with witches pirates!

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